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Continental Cars Porsche are interested in acquiring your Porsche trade-in vehicles.

The Continental Cars Porsche team are experts on all Porsche vehicles, from classic models to late models. We will ensure you receive the best offer available.

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Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Car Programme

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The Porsche marque has long been recognised for it's exclusive and individual sports cars, designed to offer outstanding performance and superior technology as well as high quality and lasting appeal. This is demonstrated by the fact that more than 60% of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today.

To help make your pre-owned Porsche purchase easier, Continental Cars Porsche offer piece of mind with the Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Car Programme.


Porsche Approved

Over time, we develop and collect memories. We cherish the things that have inspired us and proved their worth to us. A Porsche is no different. From conception, its goals were to deliver pure driving pleasure, impeccable quality and absolute engineering integrity. An Approved pre-owned Porsche delivers this dream precisely as it was intended.

The Porsche Approved commitment means that the pre-owned Porsche you are buying has been returned as close to its original condition as possible. We only ever fit Genuine Porsche parts and each vehicle is meticulously prepared by our expert Porsche trained technicians. You are buying a 100% Porsche. Our provenance checks verify every car's history, while the Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance provide complete peace of mind and absolute proof of quality.

Buying an Approved, pre-owned Porsche means that your dream will remain unbroken. In fact, we are so confident in our high standards that we put our name on it: Porsche Approved.

Porsche Approved Guarantees:

  • A minimum of 12 months Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Assistance
  • The vehicle meets the Porsche preparation standards
  • The vehicle has been inspected in compliance with our 111-point checklist
  • All work has been performed by Porsche technicians
  • Only Genuine Porsche parts have been used

Porsche Pre-Owned Warranty

What distinguishes a Porsche Approved certified vehicle from a conventional pre-owned vehicle?

  • Porsche Approved vehicles are inspected by factory trained technicians who conduct a mechanical and cosmetic 100 + point inspection.
  • Repairs are carried out with to comply with the stringent Porsche quality criteria.
  • Every Porsche Approved vehicle comes with a comprehensive warranty - if sold while under the new car warranty, coverage is up to 9 years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first.
  • You are covered by Porsche Roadside Assistance - the exclusive support service that offers added security.

What can you expect?

Driving pleasure, quality, safety and stability of value. In short: A Porsche which really cannot be described as a pre-owned vehicle, rather as a thoroughbred sports car, the charm of which was once tested by another driver.


Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are considering purchasing a Porsche privately it is important to make sure you have the correct information at hand. Our Service Department can give you piece of mind with a full pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Our factory trained technicians will use factory supplied Porsche equipment including the latest diagnostic software to inspect your car correctly.

A pre-purchase inspection with Continental Cars Porsche will give you a detailed report outlining the condition of your prospective purchase and our service advisors will be able to explain any possible remedial work required.

To enquire regarding a pre-purchase inspection please contact porscheservice@continentalcars.co.nz.


Grey Market Vehicles

Frequently asked questions on Porsche Private Imports "Grey Market Vehicles"

Vehicles that come into the country through non-authorised channels (in the case of a Porsche, a vehicle not imported by Porsche New Zealand) are called “grey market imports”. Most are used vehicles which come into the marketplace from a variety of sources; recently the majority of late model vehicles have come from the United Kingdom. However, there are also vehicles coming in from other markets. These vehicles therefore fall outside of the Official Porsche Centre Network.

The New Zealand Government allows parallel imported goods to enter the country. A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner (Porsche New Zealand). However, this may mean that the imported goods can be of lower specification to that of the New Zealand level, some vehicle features may not operate correctly and that full “After Sales Support” of the Porsche brand may not be available to that vehicle.

Both private individuals and licenced motor vehicle dealers can import varying quantities of vehicles – there are regulations that govern both. However, no experience is needed and no on-going support is required after the initial sale to a local buyer. The authorised Porsche New Zealand Importer is European Motors Limited – Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

Grey imports may have some functionality that does not work in New Zealand and their level of standard specification is generally below that of a New Zealand new vehicle (NZ new). You may find that grey imports require additional options to be added to bring the import up to an equal comparison of a NZ new vehicle. As grey imported vehicles fall outside of the New Zealand Official Porsche Centre Network, this sometimes can lead to parts and servicing issues due to varying model specifications in different markets.

Any vehicle imported must be registered in its country of origin (first categorising it as a used import), therefore aligning the New Zealand customer as the next owner of that vehicle. All NZ new vehicles are unregistered before sale. Therefore making the first purchaser the first owner of that vehicle within the New Zealand Market.

All new Porsche vehicles come with a minimum of 2 years new vehicle warranty from the date of initial registration which will be honoured locally. Any additional service or extended warranty programs may not covered locally, if this is the case any claims under those policies should be directed back to the original vehicle importer. All NZ new vehicles have a full 3 year warranty with Macan, Cayenne & Panamera models additionally having a 2 year Service Plan, fully covered by the New Zealand Official Porsche Centre Network with no cost to the customer.

All imported vehicles require standard servicing and maintenance items as per the service handbook. This cost is handled by the owner directly. NZ new Macan, Cayenne & Panamera models have a full 2 year service and maintenance plan as standard, with no charge to the original retail customer.

Imported vehicles will be included in any manufacturer recall and service campaigns, only if the vehicle is known to exist in the local market. All NZ new vehicles will automatically be covered under any manufacturer programmes and all costs will be covered.

Depending on the grey import sourced, the vehicle may have a navigation system. However, these systems will not work in New Zealand and may not be able to be retrofitted. This may also apply to other systems & features that are location / market specific and do not work / work correctly when the vehicle is not originally manufactured for use in the New Zealand market. Where applicable NZ new vehicles do have localised navigation systems and regular updates.

Yes, you are if you have purchased the vehicle from a licenced vehicle trader. If you purchased from a private importer, then you are not covered by the Act. All NZ new vehicles imported by Porsche New Zealand are supported by the New Zealand Official Porsche Centre Network, Porsche AG and New Zealand Legislation.

NZ new vehicles generally have a higher level of specification compared to the rest of the import market. Naturally this may reduce the market value on imported vehicles vs. NZ New vehicles.

Yes. The New Zealand Official Porsche Centre Network can still assist in maintaining and servicing your Porsche. When servicing your vehicle at an Porsche Centre, you can have peace of mind that genuine parts will be fitted and professionally trained technicians are carrying out work on your car with the latest tools and technology.

For further information, please contact:
Porsche Sales Department
E: porschesales@continentalcars.co.nz
P: 09 526 8991

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